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Coming Soon! Quest: Hop To It

Where are all these bunnies coming from?
Available at Level 27

In this quest you will deal with a Construction of a Rabbit Hutch, a Construction of the French Tower  and one more  Gloom Area  unlocked to explore (Quest 8 of 8).

Click here for the French Tower Construction and images

As soon as there is more information, this quest will be updated. 
Be aware this quest is UNRELEASED and changes will occur.
Like Bunnies – Hop To It: Quest 1 of 8
Hmm… there certainly seem to be more of them. Maybe we should try looking somewhere they shouldn’t be.
Tend 5 Flowers in your Kingdom to check for Bunnies.
Hint: Click on Flowers to tend them.
Tax 7 Houses in your Kingdom to see if anyone has been seeing a lot of Rabbits lately.
Hint: Click on Houses to Tax them.
Chop 3 Trees in your Kingdom to see if any Rabbits fall out!
Hint: Click on Trees to chop them.
3250 65
They’re Everywhere! – Hop To It: Quest 2 of 8
They’re everywhere! Those poor dears aren’t going to survive if we don’t help them!
Fish 3 times in your Kingdom to see if there are Bunnies in the ponds.
Hint: Click on Ponds to Fish in them.
Collect 5 times from Crafting Buildings to see if there are Bunnies in there.
Hint: Crafting Buildings include Workshops, Kitchens, Studios, Party Pavilions and other places you craft items.
Use 1 Purity Talisman, Rifting Scepter, or Slime Dissolver. Surely there aren’t any Bunnies in there!
Hint: Craft Purity Talismans and Rifting Scepters in the Studio or Silme Dissolvers in the Kitchen.
3250 65
Animal Shelter – Hop To It: Quest 3 of 8
Whew, just starting that Rabbit Hutch makes me feel so much better. All these cute bunnies will have a home in no time!
Place Yvette’s Rabbit Hutch so you can start building the Bunnies a new home.
Hint: Check your Inventory for Yvette’s Rabbit Hutch foundation.
Plant 30 Cabbage so the Bunnies have something to eat in their new home.
Hint: Click on Empty Plots to plant crops.
Have 6 Design Plans so you can make sure you build the perfect Rabbit Hutch.
Hint: Ask friends for Design Plans.
4250 85
Bait and Switch – Hop To It: Quest 4 of 8
Fantastic! This bait would even catch me in one of these traps.
Have 25 Carrots to bait the traps with.
Hint: Click on Empty Plots to plant crops.
Buy 6 Grass so the Bunnies have somewhere to hide.
Hint: Grass can be found in the Market under the Nature section.
Craft 3 Saucy Tarts for the traps. Yvette swears they are a Bunny’s favorite.
Hint: Craft Saucy Tarts in the Kitchen. I’m sure the Bunnies will love them.
4250 85
It’s A Trap! – Hop To It: Quest 5 of 8
With Ulrich’s help we got these traps done so quickly! Hurry, we need to gather up all these bunnies before something happens to them.
Craft 5 Wool Thread for the Bunny Traps.
Hint: Craft Wool Thread in the Studio.
Have 7 Bags of Nails to put the traps together.
Hint: Craft Bags of Nails in the Workshop after you build a Blacksmith.
Have 6 Alarm Bells so we know when the traps have been sprung!
Hint: Ask friends for Alarm Bells.
5250 105
Herding Bunnies – Hop To It: Quest 6 of 8
Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many bunnies; and it looks like there are more coming! Maybe this really is one of Faugrimm’s schemes!
Finish building Yvette’s Rabbit Hutch.
Hint: Gather the necessary materials to finish Yvette’s Rabbit Hutch.
Tend 20 Flowers, Grass or Bushes to setup the traps for the Bunnies!
Hint: Tending Flowers, Grass or Bushes counts towards this task.
Perform 10 actions to spawn Bunnies after you setup the traps.
Hint: Once you have setup all the traps use 10 energy in your Kingdom to complete this task.
5250 105
I Spy With My Little Eye – Hop To It: Quest 7 of 8
Wow, who would have guessed there would be so many stairs. I think you might have to carry me down on the way back.
Have a French Tower foundation in your Kingdom.
Hint: Look under the Buildings Tab in the Market to find the French Tower.
Have 7 Spyglasses so you can spot where the Bunnies are coming from.
Hint: Ask friends for Spyglasses.
Finish building the French Tower to see out into the Gloom where the Bunnies are coming from.
Hint: Remember that you have to fully crew your French Tower before it will be complete!
5250 105
For My Next Trick – Hop To It: Quest 8 of 8
What the!? George? What are you doing here?
Craft 4 Exploration Crystals in case you need to explore into the Gloom.
Hint: Craft Exploration Crystals in the Workshop.
Explore the area identified to be the source of the Bunnies.
Hint: Explore the new Expansion once you’ve collected all the resources you need!
Tend 10 Houses in your Kingdom to let people know where you are going. Who knows what could be in the Gloom!
Hint: Click on Houses to Tend them.
4250 85


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