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Time Warp Quest (Unreleased)
Giovanni wants to time travel. At the end of this quest, you will get a Flux Reseter to reset a crafting building. It seems that if you craft something by mistake or by another reason you don’t want it anymore, you just reset and crafting building will be available again.
Check the sneak peek quest:

Ominous Beginnings – Time Warp: 1 of 10

“Giovanni looks a bit more manic than usual. Go see if he hasn’t finally blown a fuse.”
Tend Giovanni’s house to check out why he is so frazzled.
Click on Giovanni’s house to tend it.
Collect 2 Pails of Water to splash on Giovanni’s face.
Craft Berry Scones in the Kitchen.
Have 3 Berry Scones. It’s hard for Giovanni to babble with his mouth full.
Berry Scones can be crafted in the Kitchen after building a Mill.
Reward: 65 3250  

Think, Think, Think – Time Warp: 2 of 10

“What could I have possibly do that would be important enough to come back in timeand warn myself about?”
Go on a walk with Giovanni by visiting 3 Neighbors Kingdoms.
Click on a portrait in the Neighbor Bar to go visit them.
Craft 2 Vegetable Cocktails. They’re brain boosters after all.
Craft Vegetable Cocktails in the Kitchen.
Tend Alistair’s House to see if he has any ideas.
Click on Alistair’s House to tend it.
Reward: 85 4250      

Creative Block – Time Warp: 3 of 10

“It must be something that I invent. Well, for the sake of Science and your Kingdom I must not invent anymore.”
Craft 5 Rope to tie him to a chair so he can’t cause a catastrophe!
Craft Rope in the Workshop from Flax.
Have 4 Glue to keep the chair in place. Wouldn’t want Giovanni going anywhere.
Craft Glue in the Studio.
Have 10 Scientific Magazines so Giovanni won’t get bored sitting there.
Ask Friends for Scientific Magazines.
Reward: 85 4250      

Invention Blues – Time Warp: 4 of 10

“I’m in a slump. If I can’t invent I can’t live. There has to be something I can do…”
Craft 7 Wool Cloth so Giovanni can blow his nose.
Craft Wool Cloth in the Studio after you build a Tailor.
Have 4 Bowls of Tomato Bisque to cheer Giovanni up.
Craft Tomato Bisque in the Kitchen.
Tend 10 Houses in your Kingdom so your citizens can keep an eye on Giovanni.
Click on houses to tend them.
Reward: 105 5250      

Wibbly Wobbly – Time Warp: 5 of 10

“Research! I heard once of a man of many faces that could travel through time. If only I could figure out how he did it…”
Have 7 Lenses so Giovanni can get a good look at his research.
Ask Friends for Lenses.
Craft 1 Horseshoe for a little luck. You and Giovanni will need all the luck you can get.
Horseshoes require a Workshop, Blacksmith and a Quarry to craft.
Harvest 25 Coffee Beans so Giovanni can stay up all night. There’s no time for sleep!
Click on Empty Farm Plots in your Kingdom to plant Coffee Beans.
Reward: 105 5250      

Timey Wimey – Time Warp: 6 of 10

“So many experiments, so little time. Can you do me a favor? Can you gather some supplies while I begin the tests?”
Craft 4 Steel Bars for the experiment.
Craft Steel Bars in the Workshop after you build a Smelter.
Have 12 Ice Chunks to keep things cool. It gets hot when you travel through time.
Get Ice Chunks by clearing frozen items and banishing Gloom Yetis.
Craft 25 Crafted Glass to make the crew at the Conservatory less worried about damage.
Craft Crafted Glass at the Studio after you build a Jeweler’s Shoppe.
Reward: 85 4250      

Safety Not Guaranteed – Time Warp: 7 of 10

“The Duke has graciously volunteered his body in the name of science! We must prepare the final test.”
Craft 1 Wool Tunic for the Duke to wear. We wouldn’t want to mess up his fine clothes.
Wool Tunics can be crafted in the Studio.
Have 8 Parchment so Giovanni can take notes.
This item can be crafted after you build a Studio. Buy Crafting buildings in the Market.
Have 5 Down Feathers to use as ear plugs. Loud bangs are a common occurancs.
Tend adult Geese to collect Down Feathers.
Reward: 105 5250      

Outa Time – Time Warp: 8 of 10

“The final tests have been completed and I think I have unlocked the secret of time travel! Now to complete the gizmo and avert catastrophe.”
Have 10 Lightning in a Jar so Giovanni can produce 1.21 gigawats of energy to power the machine.
Ask Friends for Lightning in a Jar.
Craft 1 Angle Finder to make sure everything is absolutely, one hundred percent correct.
Craft Angle Finders in the Workshop after you build a Quarry.
Craft 1 Leather Pants as a safety precaution.
Craft Leather Pants in the Studio after you have built a Tailor.
“Everything is all setup. Look out future, Giovanni is coming for you.”
Reward: 105 5250      

Let’s Do the Time Warp – Time Warp: 9 of 10

“While I’m gone, you should do some things to keep yourself busy. I shouldn’t be gone long.”
Fish 3 time while you wait for Giovanni to come back.
Click on a Pond to Fish.
Tend 5 Animals in your Kingdom while Giovanni is gone.
Click on an animal to tend it.
Tax 5 Houses while Giovanni is off saving the Kingdom from catastrophe.
Click on Houses to tax them.
Reward: 65 3250      

Let’s Do the Time Warp, Again! – Time Warp: 10 of 10

“What an exciting experience! If I ever get tired of inventing maybe I’ll start a unique travel agency.”
Use the Flux Reseter to reset a crafting building.
Use the Flux Reseter from your inventory and click on a Crafting Building to reset it.
Craft 2 Flux Reseter to so you have some in case you ever need it!
Craft a Flux Reseter in the Studio.
Reward: 105 5250    


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