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Time Warp

Help Giovanni find out what his future self was trying to tell him.
Complete Giovanni’s Renaissance Man questline and reach level 30 to start this questline.
Ominous Beginnings – Time Warp: Quest 1 of 10
Thank you friend. I thought I had lost my head back there but it appears to be screwed back on right.
Tend Giovanni’s house to check out why he is so frazzled.
Hint: Click on Giovanni’s house to tend it.
Collect 5 Pails of Water to splash on Giovanni’s face.
Hint: Go fishing in Ponds to collect pails of water.
Have 3 Berry Scones. It’s hard for Giovanni to babble with his mouth full.
Hint: Berry Scones can be crafted in the Kitchen after building a Mill.
3250 65
Think, Think, Think – Time Warp: Quest 2 of 10
The only thing I can imagine I would try to warn myself about is some kind of horrible catastrophe!
Go on a walk with Giovanni by visiting 3 Neighbors Kingdoms.
Hint: Click on a portrait in the Neighbor Bar to go visit them.
Craft 2 Vegetable Cocktails. They’re brain boosters after all.
Hint: Craft Vegetable Cocktails in the Kitchen.
Tend Alistair’s House to see if he has any ideas.
Hint: Click on Alistair’s House to tend it.
4250 85
Creative Block – Time Warp: Quest 3 of 10
This is unbearable! I feel all twitchy because I haven’t been inventing. This is no way for an inventor to live…
Craft 5 Rope to tie him to a chair so he can’t cause a catastrophe!
Hint: Craft Rope in the Workshop from Flax.
Have 4 Glue to keep the chair in place. Wouldn’t want Giovanni going anywhere.
Hint: Craft Glue in the Studio.
Have 10 Science Periodicals so Giovanni won’t get bored sitting there.
Hint: Ask Friends for Scientific Periodicals.
4250 85
Invention Blues – Time Warp: Quest 4 of 10
Thank you for your encouragement! While I was lost in my depression I had some time to think and I know the answer to my problems…
Craft 7 Wool Cloth so Giovanni can blow his nose.
Hint: Craft Wool Cloth in the Studio after you build a Tailor.
Have 4 Bowls of Tomato Bisque to cheer Giovanni up.
Hint: Craft Tomato Bisque in the Kitchen.
Tend 10 Houses in your Kingdom so your citizens can keep an eye on Giovanni.
Hint: Click on houses to tend them.
5250 105
Wibbly Wobbly – Time Warp: Quest 5 of 10
I think I have it, but we need to do some tests. Wouldn’t want to get to the future and be missing a hand or something important!
Have 7 Lenses so Giovanni can get a good look at his research.
Hint: Ask Friends for Lenses.
Craft 25 Horseshoe for a little luck. You and Giovanni will need all the luck you can get.
Hint: Horseshoes require a Workshop, Blacksmith and a Quarry to craft.
Harvest 25 Coffee Beans so Giovanni can stay up all night. There’s no time for sleep!
Hint: Click on Empty Farm Plots in your Kingdom to plant Coffee Beans.
5250 105
Timey Wimey – Time Warp: Quest 6 of 10
Splendid! These are just what I need. Now stand back, no telling what adding this next ingredient will do…
Craft 4 Steel Bars for the experiment.
Hint: Craft Steel Bars in the Workshop after you build a Smelter.
Have 12 Ice Chunks to keep things cool. It gets hot when you travel through time.
Hint: Get Ice Chunks by clearing frozen items, banishing Gloom Yetis and asking friends.
Craft 5 Crafted Glass to make the crew at the Conservatory less worried about damage.
Hint: Craft Crafted Glass at the Studio after you build a Jeweler’s Shoppe.
4250 85
Safety Not Guaranteed – Time Warp: Quest 7 of 10
Well, that went far better than I expected. I had calculated a 37% chance the Duke would survive that.
Craft 1 Wool Tunic for the Duke to wear. We wouldn’t want to mess up his fine clothes.
Hint: Wool Tunics can be crafted in the Studio and require a Tailor.
Have 8 Parchment so Giovanni can take notes.
Hint: This item can be crafted after you build a Studio. Buy Crafting buildings in the Market.
Have 25 Down Feathers to use as ear plugs. Loud bangs are a common occurences.
Hint: Tend adult Geese to collect Down Feathers.
5250 105
Outta Time – Time Warp: Quest 8 of 10
Everything is all set up. Look out future, Giovanni is coming for you.
Have 10 Lightning in a Jar so Giovanni can produce 1.21 gigawatts of energy to power the machine.
Hint: Ask Friends for Lightning in a Jar.
Craft 1 Angle Finder to make sure everything is absolutely, one hundred percent correct.
Hint: Craft Angle Finders in the Workshop after you build a Quarry.
Craft 1 Leather Pants as a safety precaution.
Hint: Craft Leather Pants in the Studio after you have built a Tailor.
5250 105
Let’s Do the Time Warp – Time Warp: Quest 9 of 10
Whew, well that was quite an adventure!
Fish 3 times while you wait for Giovanni to come back.
Hint: Click on a Pond to Fish.
Tend 5 Animals in your Kingdom while Giovanni is gone.
Hint: Click on an Animal to tend it.
Tax 5 Houses while Giovanni is off saving the Kingdom from catastrophe.
Hint: Click on Houses to tax them.
3250 65
Let’s Do the Time Warp, Again! – Time Warp: Quest 10 of 10
My time travel accident has given me an idea. A new invention that will be most helpful to you I think.
Use the Flux Resetter to reset a crafting building.
Hint: Use the Flux Resetter from your inventory and click on a Crafting Building to reset it.
Craft 2 Flux Resetter to so you have some in case you ever need it!
Hint: Craft a Flux Resetter in the Studio.
5250 105


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